Production Building a great product doesn't just happen. It is the result of planning, experience, and skill. From the pre-production process through principal photography, direction and hiring the right talent and support, our reputation for meeting budgets and deadlines speaks for itself. We always plan and execute with a clear vision of the end product. We are client focused and we bring value to the creative process. We've been there, shot that. Post Effective story telling is determined not only by the substance of the story, but also by the rhythm and tone of how it's being told. It's been said, “post production is where the magic happens”, and a good magician knows how timing, sound design, color correction, and motion graphics all play a part and work together to bring ideas to life. What do we do with all this stuff? Audio One of the most overlooked, yet important elements of media production is audio. Mismatched music and poorly produced talent? You might as well drag your fingernails across a blackboard. It takes sensitivity and experience to match music and sound effects to picture -- pace, dynamics, rhythm -- it all has to be right. We hear ya. Studio The studio features drive in access to a 26'x45' overall shooting space including: 15'x20' compound cove corner/cyclorama wall, 14' ceilings with lighting grid, full working kitchen/set with rolling island, and makeup room with its own restroom and shower. Our office area is spacious and open, offering even more shooting space with a “corporate” feel. You’ll love what we've done with the place.